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Our Belief

The Bible, which contains 66 books revealed by Lord, is our supreme principle of belief and living. We believe Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are in one God. That is the true God. The Trinity's position can't be messed. The body of the Trinity can't be separated. The Trinity God is respectable, honorable, infinite, eternal, perfect, omniscient, all seeing, and immanent. God, the holy being who has the power to do anything he wishes without obstruction.

Father: He created everything from the infinitesimal cells in our body to the universe we see in the sky. His life, wisdom, holiness, authority, justice, love, faithfulness, …etc are infinite, eternal, and invariable.

Son: Jesus Christ, the Word became flesh by Mary's pregnancy through the Holy Spirit for loving mankind. He owns the complete character of divinity and human being. He is unblemished and sinless. He was crucified, under the command of the Roman governor named Pilate to save mankind. Those who have faith in Jesus will have their sins forgiven. Jesus was buried in a tomb, raised on the 3rd day, and appeared to the apostles over a period of forty days. He was taken up into heaven gloriously, and became a better guarantor of the New Testament as the head for the body of church. He will come back to the world when the apocalypse is upon it, then judge mankind, and let the righteousness have eternal life; as the wicked will be thrown into suffering for their penalty and punishment.

Holy Spirit: The guardian of believers. His mission is to glorify the Christ. His job is to encourage people to know sins and repent, soothe believers, guide them into the truth, and purify them.

Generality of Church (a group of people chosen by God's grace through redemption): Church is laid by Christ to manifest his body and has fellowship between believers.

Particularity of Church: The church belongs to God. Also God intends democracy, autonomy, self-reliant, freedom, equality, mutual help, and finally, the Holy One wants us to love each other.